Because you Are …I am.

I will not betray my Love for you O God bless your Holy Name!

I will not betray my mind to the Enemy while he plays this awful Game

I have felt your goodness even in the pit of Sheol , So how could I deny your hands on me?

You walked me out of maze of deep trouble , So how could I curse you and now leave?

They say I’m deluded for believing in the “greatest delusion” of the  existence of the Great I AM

So now I’m recluded  in the greatest reclusion because I believe in the Lamb

The Enemy wants me to believe that this spiritual war internally does not exist

But see I know from Your Words of old that you loved me before I was so I persist

My faith was built on sand but the Spirit you gave me empowered me beyond what I understand

I feel empowered beyond who I am when I am with you  so why does my flesh  betray me and reprimand?

O’ Restore and Revive your faithful servant My Father so that I can stand

They don’t know ..they don’t understand …that because you Are…I am.


Written by ShayV

Categories: Healing, Prayer

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