Is faith the opposite of reason?

Well written! Faith vs.Reason

Running The Race


A lot of people think it is but I believe they are mistaken.

Many modern skeptics contend that faith and reason are precise opposites. Under their view, my “faith” in Jesus Christ is an act in opposition to reason. At best, it is a form of wishful thinking, a crutch for those who find reality too harsh. True, relying on one’s faith is comforting, but Christians contend that faith is not simply a crutch, because the evidence supports the belief that Jesus lived, died and rose again – just as he said he would. But with the preconception that faith is “just a crutch,” how can a believer ever get a fair hearing on the evidence? It would be like trying to sell someone the worst car on the lot by telling him that driving it will make him happy. Or trying to convince a jury that the defendant is…

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