Speak Holy Spirit! 

How do we know when the Spirit is speaking or acting through us? There are some Christians who say that they have heard the audible voice of God. It has been my experience that most Christians  “hear” God in a different way.

The  Spirit of God speaks and acts  through us  and it often begins with an inner whisper. The Spirit helps us sort through these “whispers” (our own  inner thoughts motivations and  the intentions of the heart .)  The Bible teaches that our figurative hearts cannot be trusted nor our carnality. (Jeremiah 17:9)   God is faithful and we can trust   that when we invite the Spirit  to live within us that  God then works to align our character with His own character . (Galatians 5:22, 23 compare Matthew 18:19)  We can be thankful that God also reveals His will to us  through the Spirit by shaping our encounters  in  His presence. Simply put, hearing the Spirit speak means this – there are moments when you sense through reading the Bible or prayer  that God has placed something deep within your spirit. You sense that God has placed it there to call you to action or an adjustments in your mind, soul, body and strength – it is in those places that God finds our love . ( Deuteronomy 6:5, Matthew 22:37)

Then there  are times or  even  providential seasons when we have  a collection  experiences  of  “coincidences ” and reach an “Aha” moment because of them.  Make no mistake, there are no coincidences when it comes to God.  He is intentional and personally involved the moment you believed and  prayed to invite Him into your situation. (John 14:14) You  may find that you receive confirmation of God’s direction in your life through, unexpected encounters with other people or  you may be inspired to provide  comforting words or it could be an answer to your prayers as a reward for diligently  seeking the will and heart  of the Father . God has blessed us with a worldwide brotherhood  and sisterhood. God has set up our lives and our  world to work together and to be connected through each other.

Here are a few other ways that we hear or listen  to the Holy Spirit:

  • We are listening to the Spirit of God when we choose to act in accord with his revealed will for us .
  • We can  “hear” the  Spirit of God  when we hear God breathed words spoken by  others.  When we make it our aim to soak ourselves in  the written word of God regularly we will began speaking the Word  to  others.  We  should be quick obey “nudges” by the Spirit to speak God’s words to console a friend , serve others or to adjust our perspective .
  • We are listening to the Spirit of God when we overcome the initial carnal response to our problems. We must keep in mind that our carnality is in opposition to Holy Spirit’s  leading and God’s  will. (1 Corinthians 3:1-3) W
  • We are listening to the Spirit of God when we putting our feelings on the back burner and act as Christ would in a given situation then the Spirit is  leading or speaking to our spirit  .
  • Speaking God’s written word back to Him in prayer is  another way we can hear the Spirit. There is power in agreement! If you are a child of God you have the Holy Spirit taking up residence inside of you. When we Speak  the promises of God allows us to Hear the Spirit speak the heart of God through scripture.

The Holy  Spirit strengthens  our relationship with the Father through the  revelation of  the Word – our Lord Jesus the living Christ. Jesus promised upon ascension that the Helper would be with us to the end of the Age . ( John 14:16, Matthew 28:19,20) So reach out and ask  the Holy Spirit to speak to you today! Communication with our Father came  at very high cost- it was made possible through the shed blood of  Jesus our Lord to the Glory of our Father .

God will provide wisdom and direction to those who ask  for it. It is through a training of our perceptive powers through the living Word that we can discern the “voice” of God. The Holy Spirit is  often called the forgotten helper but let us never forget the power of God who  raised our Christ and let the Spirit bind our hearts forevermore to the Father and the Son!

Written By ShayV- GWiT

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