The Word that was Made Manifiest….

I thank you Heavenly Father for ¬†Dwelling into ¬†My ¬†heart of flesh… you so lovingly crafted it ¬†with Your Spark of life issuing Godly Breath….

You said , “Let there ¬†be Light!” ¬†and ¬†the illumination of that creative ¬†Word infused a stream of Celestial Light within My being ¬†that cannot be extinguished!

Come down please My  Eternal and Abiding  Word  of The Father! Descend into the what I Decree to be a cleansing  fire in my circumstances today. I thank you for  the gentle whistlings of the Holy Spirit as You   guide me in the fullness of your Truth for me.

You hath Life within you O’ Son of the Most High!¬†As you bring Heaven down to earth today to the Glory of our Amazing ¬†Father ¬†I beg that make your Abode in My heart .

Let the Expression of your Divine Love be the Expression that reigns in My heart ! May the sacrifice of my lips all day long be your Spoken Word who dwells among us all who are His children.

In the Name of the Mighty Jesus My Christ and The only the Word that endureth  Forever and Ever.

Amen and Amen

(1 John 4:13, John 1:14, James 1:17)

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