Month: December 2017

Series: Part Two -From Striving to Abiding in Christ- “Works” to the Grace of God – A Consideration of John 15:4-6

Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that only  144,000 persons throughout history have been invited to commune with Jesus.  They teach that only this limited number of persons can “drink the blood and eat the flesh” of Jesus to inherit life. Rather than commemorate Lord’s evening meal by partaking in the symbols of the body and blood of Christ ( bread and wine) they choose to instead celebrate His death by having a “Memorial” for Jesus Christ. Make no mistake, Jesus did not sanction a celebration of His death nor a meal where no one partakes of the emblems but rather there is a room of “observers” as all reject the body and blood of Christ that it represents. Feeding on the words of Christ is not enough to receive the gift of eternal life. We must be in a covenant relationship with Jesus Christ. The alternative is to be “thrown away like a branch and withers; and the branches are gathered, thrown into the fire, and burned”. (John 15:6)