Recommended Support Groups

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Facebook Support Groups:

The XJayDubCafe – This a group for Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses only.

My vision for this space is positive affirmations, chatting about almost anything šŸ˜€ kitchen table topics and deconstructing from religion. You will find my not-secret-diary posts, information about our future podcast and Youtube channel, inspiring messages and even short stories (some are JW relatedšŸŒ») I want us to share our hobbies, pictures and use this as our creative space. We were told so often that our life would be over if we left the religion. We are proof that is simply not true!

Ex- Fundamentalist Women Empowered-

This group originally started because Two ex Jehovah’s women have been hurt by the men of Watching the Watchtower group/Shunning/ghosting them by kicking them from their support group, [watching watchtower] both were kicked for asking that women be treated and talked to with respect.They also asked for clarification, when they felt they had been lied to.

A few of us feel like these guys shouldn’t get to announce the watching watchtower group as a safe haven, drawing unsuspecting people in, first to use, abuse, or discard them for simply pointing out disrespect.

We all know the predator/prey dynamic isn’t exclusive to watchtower. It’s included in exjw groups and YouTube channels as well that are primarily ran by men.

You can vent, post memes, rant about anything, even cry here!šŸ’žĀ If you are a feminist make your self at home here. If you are not, that’s okay too we want you!

We have left the bonds of religion and want to empower each other through friendship and love.


The Apostate Watchdogs

We are watchdog group for exjw activist groups, YouTube channels, individuals.
Join the Resistance. Checks and Balances.Justice.

Get Kicked out of a Facebook group? Vent about it Here.

Apostate Worldview Discussion– place for anyone that has escaped the bonds of any religion or dogma. Originally established for Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses to come and find others who have experienced similar events in their lives and Christians seeking clarification on their doubts concerning Christianity. This is still the reason this group exists but I think we can all help each other out through the difficult transition from belief to freedom from all high control religions.


Jehovah’s WitnessesĀ andĀ FriendsĀ  – This group has active Jehovah’s Witness and Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses debating about the religion and reform of the Watchtower.


Daily EncouragementĀ From The Word of God– This is a group for Christians to discuss healing topics and topics relating to the Bible


Warfare Through Prayer– This is a prayer group